Why Online Lessons?


Learn music by voice or any instrument is an enjoyable thing for any person who loves music. But are all getting the opportunity?

In India finding proper teacher around us is a tedious one. If a student found a teacher but he/she will far from him/her or their time will not synch or their fee will not be manageable.

In foreign countries like America, most of the parents have to spend lots of time on travelling while drop their kids to the music teacher/school .

Students and their families spend an average of 1 hour driving to and from lessons each week. That's a waste of energy and resources, and it's an unnecessary aggravation.


What is the solution?


If you are a serious learner and looking for professional music guidance, learning through the Internet might be the answer.


Our online lessons are exactly alternative for traditional lessons at a music school.


Online private video conference lessons have some more benefits over regular music classes.

Students will attend most of the classes (whereas regular classes will be missed due to bad whether, important appointments for parent, etc )

Young students will concentrate better online - the distractions and insecurities caused by uncomfortable surroundings in a regular music school or in a teacher's place are dramatically lessened online. Shyness disappears to a large degree when young students learn in the comfort and safety of home, and more effective work gets accomplished (this is true for teenagers and adults too). Online lessons are still just as fun, personal, and lively as lessons in person - they're just more comfortable at home.

Close-up shots with the camera clarify hand position and movement. Often, the video is easier to watch, and your instructor can control what he wants you to see, with greater clarity and focus.

Finally Experience is better than words. Hence our one Free Demo class will explain you all in detail.